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Store Policies

We do not accept returns or exchanges.  Please use the fitting rooms we provide, before making your purchase.  We value your business and want our merchandise fresh and lovely for each customer.


In order to provide our customers with exceptional products and outstanding service, at competitive prices, and to protect the integrity of our merchandise, Lizzie G. Formals will abide by the following:


Lizzie G Formals offers its Lay-a-Way program solely as a service to our customers to make it easier for them to pay for their purchase over time. 

Following are the terms by which we handle Lay-a-Way sales:

1.  All items on Lay-a-Way will remain at Lizzie G. Formals until they are paid in full.

2.  There is no interest or additional charge to put an item on Lay-a-Way, just the price of the item plus sales tax.

3.  Lay-a-Way is not "putting a dress on hold".  We treat Lay-a-Ways as a regular sale, except we are giving you longer to pay for your purchase.  Items on Lay-a-Way are taken out of our available inventory and are not available for sale to anyone else.  Should another customer wish to purchase the same item, and we don't have another in stock, we would have to order another, which involves a minimum order, which is very costly, or we could lose a sale, if the item is out of stock from our vendor.

4.  Maximum time for an item to be on Lay-a-Way is two months, unless other arrangements are made at the time the items are put on lay-a-way, such as dresses for bridesmaids, or wedding dresses.

5.  Monies paid on the Lay-a-Way will not be refunded.

6.  The amount required to put an item on Lay-a-Way is 25% of the purchase price including  sales tax, for items in stock.  For items not in stock, that must be special ordered, a 50% minimum deposit is required. 

7.  Weekly, by-weekly, or monthly payments will be handled on an individual basis.


Lizzie G Formals does not share your personal information with anyone. 

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