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About us

Classic style

...meets fun!

This has been our motto since the beginning! 


We strive to help our customers find styles that will flatter their body....and get them lots of compliments!

Lizzie G Formals is the latest in a long series of events that has progressed from a small guest bedroom boutique, to a 660 square foot elegant garage boutique, to a 1,100  square foot store front in beautiful Monterey, California, to two 2,000+ sq ft.  stores in Salinas, California, and now  to our new beautiful 5,060 square foot formal store in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brief History

2005 - 2006

Joy Sandoval's Beauty & Boutique began in a 132 square foot guest bedroom in Royal Oaks (Watsonville), California.

Picture of boutique beginnings
Early boutique jewelry

2006 - 2008

Boutique in elegant garage

In early 2006 we were having so much fun, we decided to expand into our 3 car garage.  We had the garage transformed into an elegant  boutique.  When we started out  we were selling high quality 'separates' along with a few 'dressy dresses' and career apparel. 


Mannequin from early boutique

2008 - 2014

Valentine decortions Monterey store
Mannequin in jacet Monterey store

In 2008, unaware that a recession was upon us, we decided to move our store to the main street of Monterey, California. Here we struggled through the recession and pivoted the company to carry more formal women's attire. 

2014 - 2018

Valentine heart window
Lizzie G & me showroom

Early 2014, we moved Lizzie G and me to Salinas, California, a nearby city with a significantly larger population. There we sold a mixture of formal wear and casual attire. 

Joel Sandoval Sr with new Lizzie G & me Boutique sign
Salinas store  pink ceiling

2018 - Present

In 2018, we closed up shop in Salinas and moved the store to Phoenix, Arizona. We decided to rebrand as Lizzie G Formals, and focus solely on formal dresses, shoes, and accessories. 


We strive to offer the very best customer service, quality, and prices; we hope to open a few more locations in the future.

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